Myth vs Fact #90

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 13:41 See they not that We gradually reduce the land (of disbelievers, by giving it to the believers, in war victories) from its outlying borders. And Allâh judges, there is none to put back His Judgement and He is Swift at reckoning.
Bottom Line: Allah expands Dar al-Islam by shrinking Dar al-Harb by means of raids across borders, seizing territory. Learn, and know that this fatal fact is confirmed by Islamic law. I quote from Umdat as-Salik Book O, Chapter 24, Section 9, which lists 8 duties of local rulers under the Caliph.

-8- and if the area has a border adjacent to enemy lands, an eighth duty arises, namely to undertake jihad against enemies, dividing the spoils of battle among combatants, and setting aside fifth (def: o10.3) for deserving recipients.


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